Risperdal Plush


2″ x 8″ Hand Cut, Hand Sewed Soft Sculpture

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“At first, Bible thought his breasts were a result of weight gain, something many who take Risperdal go through. So, at least initially, he overlooked it.

“If I knew what the side effects would be of the medication, I would have never taken it,” Bible said of Risperdal, which he took in the early 2000’s.

Soon after his breasts became noticeable, Bible stopped going outside with his friends. Most days, he’d retreat to his room and play video games to block out the world. When he was forced to go outside to attend school, he had to deal with “the looks,” he says.

And, of course, the comments.

“I’d go to the locker room, and people would point and stare,” he said.

Psychologically, he says, dealing with the side effects of Risperdal was worse than the bipolar disorder.”