Shawn Kemp

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11″x15″ Hand Cut, Hand Sewed Felt Appliqué with Paint

“Down by 1, midway through the 2nd quarter,  Kemp grabs 1 of his 20 rebounds, passes to Gary Payton, who passes to Nate McMillan. Nate gets double-teamed in a corner, spots a wide-open Kemp at the 3-point line, Kemp gets it back and instead of shooting a 3 like most big men today would, he takes one dribble towards the basket and then cuffs the ball like he’s about to throw down a windmill dunk. Chris Mullin briefly considered getting in the way but was wise enough to change his mind. The same can’t be said of Alton Lister, who tried to take a charge. He ended up getting dunked on, falling to the ground and being pointed at by a crouching Kemp. The dunk would go on to be known as “The Lister Blister” and the celebration just might be the most famous post-dunk celebration of all-time. If it happened today, it would be a taunting tech.”  – From Ball is Life

One of the greatest and most disrespectful dunks ever: