Silver Lake Felt Landscape


9″ x 12″ Felt Landscape on Canvas

“Her pride’s been hurt–she’s retired to the alcazar in Silver Lake like Marion Davies did to San Simeon, like Dolores Del Rio did in that Santa Monica palace Cedric Gibbons built for her.”

“On Wayfaring at Waverly–alcazar indeed! It’s a good Schindler house; why the compulsion to exaggerate?”

“A good Schindler house,” the publicity maven stressed, ” ‘gloriously proportioned and sympathetically refurbished in anthologized original Southwest, augmented by mixtures of mission, modern, nouveau, and marble-bolection-molding deco, resplendent in its terraced-garden setting atop the Silver Lake hills, and caressed by feng shui.’ Bunny Mars again, just last week.”

-‘Wayfaring at Waverly in Silver Lake’, The New York Times