Tacos Sonoratown


6″x6″ Hand Cut, Hand Sewed Felt Appliqué with Fabric Paint

Sonoratown for the Win!
After weeks of online voting over at L.A. Taco


After weeks of online voting over at L.A. Taco, this year’s Taco Madness tournament has produced a single winner: Sonoratown. Or, more specifically given the parameters of this year’s competition, Sonoratown’s awesome carne asada taco, served on a freshly prepared flour tortilla.

Unlike in years past, where restaurants, trucks, and carts may be pitted in general against others either by geographic region or personal specialty, this year’s bracket was a free-for-all of specific dishes from places as wide-ranging as Tacos Arabes and Mariscos Jalisco and Burritos La Palma, with newcomer Sonoratown sneaking in on the mesquite-grilled carne asada side. It all worked out for them in the end, as the tiny Downtown shop managed to squeeze out a fan-voted victory by just a few dozen clicks. Congratulations.

-LA Taco