The Boz

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11″x15″ Hand Cut, Hand Sewed Felt Appliqué with Fabric Paint

“AND NOW FOR A FEW WORDS to Brian Bosworth.

I kept searching for the devastating expose and finally found the part about Buster Rhymes firing his Uzi out the window of Bud Wilkinson Hall. In the first place, it was a pistol, not a submachine gun. And Buster was shooting into the air. I had to kick Buster off the team later, but it wasn’t for shooting his pistol out the window.

If I had a dollar for every round of ammunition that has been shot out the windows of athletic dorms at universities all over the country ever since there has been such a thing as an athletic dorm, I would be rich enough to buy myself a kingdom in the Alps.

There is something about playing football and loving to go hunting that just kind of fit together and always have. I won’t try to explain it, but everybody knows it is true. The next thing you know, a guy is wanting to show his pals his new shotgun, so he goes to the window and blasts away.

Why, Boz, this very thing happened at a Southwest Conference school the same year. You could have given me a break and told on them instead of us. I’m not picking on the SWC here. All I’m saying is I have heard of this happening at every school in the NCAA. It happened when I was a player at Arkansas. The shooting that happened in our dorm in January 1989 was totally different from what Buster did, but you were gone by then, Boz.

You say in your book that you were born in Oklahoma City. Your parents met at OU. After they moved to Dallas, you remained a Sooner fan. You say I visited your home and walked down the hall of your high school with my arm around your shoulder and told you I wanted you to come to Oklahoma and be great.

This is where a devastating expose should have said I took you out to the parking lot and handed you the keys to a new Jaguar with $50,000 in an alligator briefcase in the front seat.

But let me quote from “The Boz.”

” … the first time I walked into Owen Field in Norman, I got goose bumps the size of golf balls. I was awed by it the first time I saw it and most every time I walked in it after that. You see all those national championships on the scoreboard. They’ve got that Hall of Fame. They’ve got the All Big Eight players on the wall beside the locker room. And when I saw the weight room, I was hooked … I knew I was going to be a football player for the University of Oklahoma.”

That’s why you came to Oklahoma, Boz – to be a champion, with your picture on the wall with our other champions.”

– Excerpt from the book BOOTLEGGER’S BOY by Barry Switzer