The Vin

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14″x19″ Framed, Hand Cut, Felt Appliqué with Paint

Michael Connelly has published 28 novels since 1992, so he has had plenty of opportunities

to dedicate them to the people who have contributed to his literary success which includes 60 million copies sold and translation into 39 languages. At the front of the 18 books centered upon his most famous character, the LAPD detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch, he has honored, among others, his parents, his wife, his daughter, his friends, his editors, the librarian who introduced him to To Kill A Mockingbird and, in 2005’s The Closers, “the detectives who have to look into the abyss.” Connelly’s 19th Bosch mystery, The Wrong Side of Goodbye, will be released on Nov. 1, and the author has chosen to dedicate it to a different sort of influence, though one of great importance to not only his life but those of his characters.

“To Vin Scully,” the dedication reads. “With many thanks.”

Los Angeles, where Connelly’s gritty crime novels are set, can be a uniquely isolating place, due to its sprawl and its dependence on automobiles. For almost 60 years—starting in 1958, when the broadcaster and the team debuted in Los Angeles after leaving Brooklyn, until he retires after this Sunday’s game against the Giants—the 88-year-old Scully has provided nightly companionship to a city of loners. His is the voice that unites and comforts the town’s cops and criminals, and everyone in between.

– Sports Illustrated