Stand up, stand up

An American awakening long over due
Gained momentum with the NYT tear and #metoo
Woman are rising, telling their story
All the details, from creepy to gory
Silence, denial, excuses… push back and blame
Wake up y’all, we should all be ashamed


One two stand up

Been boiling for a while, not always embraced
Mad props brave sisters who came out to say what they faced
And the ones who no one listened to in the past
Your voice is now heard, keep up the fight and the task

Me too stand up

Forced kissing, masturbation, groping and rape
The list goes on, we’re in very bad shape
The cat calling and eye fucking don’t think that’s assault
The spectrum is wide, never say it’s the woman’s fault
Don’t act surprised, it happens in every place we be
If it falls in an empty forest, yes a noise makes a tree

We too stand up

It’s so fucked up, we all need to pay more attention
Taking a stand with increased intervention
This is the tip of the iceberg, just the start
Still so much work, we all need to take a part
The problem is institutional, the order is tall
No other way to see it, like UConn women dominate bball

Stand up

This represents a much larger issue we that can’t look passed
The struggle for gender equality, the ceiling of glass
Paid 80 cents on the dollar, that directly hits their till
Passed up for promotions for men with less skill
Under represented at the higher ranks
They make excuses why and say no thanks
Strong opinions, you’re emotional or a bitch
When what you say is right, both thoughtful and rich


Stand up, stand up

Some call this a women’s issue when the problem is men
Still living in the boy’s club den
Don’t think twice, should have it their way
Locker room talk with no consequences to pay
“War on men,” are you for real!?
Mansplaining, shift the blame, yeah that’s your deal
Fellas, our behavior must change and we must call shit out
Support women, be part of the solution without any doubt

We too must all stand up

All of this stuff is beyond crazy
Dig deep, fix it, and don’t be lazy
By the way, the same goes with race
It’s another big issue that we honestly need to face
Equality, that’s the immediate prize
When we’re on the same footing, we all can rise

-MC Lowest Common Denominator